Uninstall Comodo

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Go to Control Panel -> Program and Features (Add/Remove Programs), Find comodo and uninstall it, and then reboot. Then:

Comodo Cleanup tool:

This is a Community Developed Application for removing left-over files/registry entries. It should only be used if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • You can’t uninstall Comodo Internet Security
  • You can’t install Comodo Internet Security
  • Comodo Internet Security is already uninstalled, and you want to make sure everything’s gone

You can uninstall/remove the following products with this tool

Product NameWhich Version(s) Can Be Removed
Using This Tool
Comodo Internet Security3.X-5.4
Comodo BackUp3.0
Comodo Dragon9-10.0
Comodo EasyVPN2.X
Comodo GeekBuddy3.X
Comodo Programs Manager1.0
Comodo System Cleaner3.0
Comodo Cloud Scanner2.0
Comodo TrustConnect1.7
Comodo Unity2.X
Comodo Memory Firewall1.7
Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer1.7


Link: Google Sites (v0.3b)

File Name: Setup.zip
Size: 5,075,834 (5.0 MB)
SHA1: CCA2EA280790C43E1098D0604311DB4A027F00A0
MD5: 33B0932C8C9BF6BDE0B3544DFB98AA7D


  1. Disable Sandbox/Defense+
    (Right Click CIS Icon > Sandbox/Defense+ Security Level > Disable )
    *This Will Allow The Tool To Disable and Remove CIS and Other Protected/Safe Applications without Interruptions*
  2. Download Application
  3. Run Application (As Administrator)
  4. Select Product You Wish To Uninstall/Remove