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Do you wish to keep your Bookmarks, Browser History and open tabs in sync between different browsers or computers you have? or always have a online backup of them for free? it’s really easy, there are a tiny addon/program which does it for you!

That’s Xmarks!


Bookmark Sync

Install Xmarks on each computer you use, and it seamlessly integrates with your web browser and keeps your bookmarks in sync.

Backup and Restore

Every change is backed up
Whenever you add, delete or edit a bookmark, Xmarks will automatically backup the changes on our servers and store them for three months.

To view and restore past bookmark collections, visit my.xmarks.com.

Then select “Tools” > “Explore and Restore Old Bookmarks” to get started.

Explore & Restore details

Pick a backup collection to view its contents, export it to an HTML file or restore those bookmarks back into your Xmarks account.

Use this feature to undo mistakes when managing your bookmarks, or to recover deleted bookmarks that you later realize you need.

Online Access

You can view, edit, add and delete bookmarks from any browser by going to my.xmarks.com and logging in with your Xmarks username and password.

Mobile Access

Visit mobile.xmarks.com
You can view bookmarks from your mobile phone’s browser by going to mobile.xmarks.com and logging in with your Xmarks username and password.
Image of iPhone interface to my.xmarks.com.

Optimized for iPhone & iPod Touch

Your bookmarks are automatically formatted for viewing on your iPhone or iPod touch screen when you visit mobile.xmarks.com.

Sync Profiles

Keep your personal bookmarks at home and your work bookmarks at the office
Xmarks gives you full control over which bookmarks are synced to which computers. This allows you to:

Keep your private bookmarks at home, but sync everything else with your work computer.
Set up a different bookmark toolbar at home and at work, but sync everything else as you normally would.
Create a shortlist of bookmarks for when you access My Xmarks from your mobile phone.

Assign Bookmarks to Sync Profiles

The feature works by allowing you to group your bookmarks into different Sync Profiles. You can name each Sync Profile whatever you like and pick which bookmarks belong to it.

Assign Sync Profiles to Computers

Once your Sync Profiles are setup, you simply need to assign them to each of your computers. Multiple computers can have the same Sync Profile. For instance, all your computers at home could be set to sync with your “Home” profile.

Don’t worry, if you don’t assign a Sync Profile to a computer, it will simply sync all bookmarks in your account.


Pick folders to share
You can share individual folders or your entire set of bookmarks. Visit my.xmarks.com and login to get started. Then select a folder, click on “Share” in the toolbar and check the “Share this folder” checkbox.

There’s even an option to include subfolders by checking the “… and include subfolders” checkbox.

See shared bookmarks on a web page or via RSS

Once you’ve turned on sharing for a folder, your friends can see your bookmarks in an RSS feed, or a web page of bookmarks. Any new bookmarks you add will automatically show up.

Xmarks will send sharing notifications for you via email, or you can copy the web and RSS links and then send them to anyone you choose to share bookmarks with.